• The Chef’s Creation Ramen Set

    • 20.95

    House's Traditional Tonkotsu Ramen: our broth is made fresh daily after 15+ hours of simmering pork bone along with our Chef's secret recipe bringing the broth its milky texture, wonderful flavour and unforgettable aroma. Finished with perfectly cooked egg noodles. Japanese Pork Chashu and Pork Belly are critical for a good Tonkotsu Rumen bowl.     

    While our Pork Chashu satisfies your taste buds with its meaty flavour, the Pork Belly's sweet savory skin will melt in your mouth, adding a punch of flavor to the noodles. Ajitsuke will be served along. Five different vegetables give you five unique tastes when you combine them with the ramen. Aged bamboo shoot brings the umami flavour, bokchoy's refreshing, and Kimchi contrasts the taste of sweet corn and bean sprouts.     

    Combine this unique flavours in your own way to experience The Chelf's Ramen in your way.