• Vegetarian Shoyu

    • 12.95

    Perfect for vegans with our shoyu broth made from soysauce n' fresh vegetables. Protein from tofu combined with veggies to create a balanced meal but wonderful flavoue  

  • Traditional Tonkotsu

    • 13.95

    Japanese traditional pork bone milky broth made 100% from bone will make your taste buds dance like no other  

  • Spicy Miso

    • 14.95

    Iconic flavour of this ramen is salty n' spicy topped with our delicious pork chashu. Grab your favorite beverage to make it the perfect meal just for yoU!  

  • Seafood Lover

    • 15.95

    Not quite a seafood feast but we know this would make you happy. With your choice of broth: Miso or tonkotsu topped with scallop, shrimp, mussels and kani crab sticks.